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Consult Our Engineering Experts About the Transition to Electric All-Terrain Vehicles

Electrification Expands to Off-Road Vehicle Market

Electric vehicles provide many benefits such as reduced maintenance, minimal noise, zero emissions and a lower overall cost of ownership. As EVs penetrate the automotive market, all-terrain vehicle manufacturers are beginning to realize the advantage of shifting towards battery-powered motors.

The off-road vehicle market includes ATVs, UTVs and snowmobiles that are used for both recreation and work applications. With minimal noise produced during operation, electric all-terrain vehicles are ideal for applications in close proximity to wildlife. When traveling in groups, fuel emissions can negatively impact the user experience – electric motors eliminate emissions altogether.

Our Extensive Experience in Vehicle Electrification

As an established Automotive supplier, MinebeaMitsumi is well positioned to develop new products to meet growing electrification needs. Our resolver motors are specifically geared towards EV manufacturers to provide positional feedback for the vehicle’s electric motors. Keep reading to learn more about the solutions we offer for electric all-terrain vehicles.

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Resolver Motors Deliver Precise Positioning Feedback

Instead of an engine, an EV employs an electric motor to drive vehicle motion. When a driver presses the gas, the motor engages and propels the vehicle forward. However, without positional feedback, the electric motor does not know how to accurately respond to driver input. MinebeaMitsumi developed the resolver motor to detect the rotational angle of an electric motor to provide precise feedback on rotational speed. After the speed is detected, the vehicle can input the exact voltage needed to drive the motor. This process improves energy efficiency and prolongs the battery life of the vehicle.

Resolvers are ideal for automotive and industrial applications because they can withstand high operating temperatures and are resistant to oil and dust contamination.


NMB Automotive-grade Bearings deliver robust high reliability, long life and low vibration and noise. Our engineers can specify tolerances, lubrication, shields and seals to suit your specific application requirements.


In today’s vehicles, data needs to be transferred efficiently to maintain optimal vehicle operation. Mitsumi waterproof connectors provide high-speed data transfer to keep passengers safe and comfortable.

Battery Protection ICs

Electric ATVs need to sense and react to adverse charging and voltage events. Protect your batteries with Mitsumi ICs – our lineup offers power management, overvoltage protection and more.

Charge Port Actuators

Need a reliable mechanism to open and close a charge port door? Automotive-grade BLDC actuators with integrated drive electronics are ideal for this application and can be customized to meet design requirements.

Tactile Switches

Mitsumi offers tactile switches that are highly durable with waterproof designs available. Custom switch arrays can also be designed to suit your vehicle branding and user experience.


Inductor coils play a crucial yet somewhat invisible role in supporting peak vehicle performance. Mitsumi’s range of inductors includes SMD inductors, flyback transformers and ultrasonic sensors.

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