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Hybrid Stepping Motors

As the leading manufacturer of hybrid stepping motors, MinebeaMitsumi supports advanced motion control across the globe. Automated sample processing solutions are essential for medical laboratories that perform high volume clinical testing. This critical equipment requires high precision positioning capabilities to move, dispense and analyze patient samples. Linear stepping motors feature an integrated leadscrew that converts rotary to linear motion and maintains excellent torque density.

MEMS Gauge Pressure Sensors

Advanced laboratory automation equipment requires intelligent system feedback to support continuous operation. MEMS sensors can be integrated to monitor changes and analyze the condition of the equipment in real time. Mitsumi gauge sensors are capable of precisely detecting minute changes in pressure using MEMS piezoresistive technology. Our lineup is ideal for medical applications requiring fast sampling time and high-resolution output in an ultra compact and lightweight package.

  • Microstepping – improved torque linearity for small precise movements
  • Ball bearing support long life operation
  • High torque density
  • Customizable options – thread count
  • Open loop or encoder
  • External, captive, non-captive options
  • Nema 08 to Nema 23
  • Digital I2C or SPI selectable
  • 24 Bit digital resolution
  • Linearized and temperature compensated
  • Includes temperature output
  • Excellent dynamic range data ready pin
  • High repeatability, accuracy and stability
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

Electric Grippers

Robotic equipment helps maintain safety and efficiency by performing hazardous and repetitive tasks in clinical laboratories. When designing laboratory robots, it is important to select a suitable end effector. Reliable, precise operation can be achieved using a hybrid stepping motor-driven electric gripper. MinebeaMitsumi’s patent pending design utilizes a simple spiral cam drive mechanism for an ultra-compact and lightweight gripper solution.

High Power DC Fans & Impellers

High volume laboratory automation equipment needs powerful cooling solutions in order to maintain continuous operation. NMB cooling fans are industry recognized for delivering reliable cooling to critical medical and clinical devices . Our high power lineup features dual NMB ball bearings along with a 3 phase fan motor for maximum efficiency. Ingress protection with epoxy potting is available for fans that operate in dusty or humid environments.

  • High precision and reliability
  • ST Box for advanced detection, programming and control
  • Simplify workflow and efficiency
  • Improved grip force, speed and feedback over pneumatic style
  • Reduce biological contamination and human error
  • High efficiency 3 phase fan motor
  • Superior aerodynamic performance
  • PWM or voltage speed control
  • IP protection available
  • Tach output
  • Overload and reverse polarity protection
  • Dual NMB ball bearings
giga protection bearings

Giga Protection (GP) Ball Bearings

Over the past 70 years, MinebeaMitsumi developed cutting-edge manufacturing and processing technology for precision ball bearings. Our experts, along with our steel suppliers, engineered a highly anti-corrosive steel material that resists rust and corrosion up to 200 times better than standard stainless steel. NMB ball bearings with Giga Protection are ideal for medical applications that require exposure to humidity, high-pressure spray downs and biofluids.


  • 200 times more resistant to corrosion
  • Testing in accordance with the JIS-Z-2371 standard
  • Surface modification treatment is not necessary

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