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Precision Components for Liquid Handling Workstations

Increasing throughput and improving efficiency and safety in laboratory processing requires only the best equipment; and the best liquid handling automation equipment is made with our precision components. Liquid handling equipment manufacturers trust us as a premier supplier of precision components for their end products.

Liquid handling workstations consist of a variety of instruments: pipetting devices, XYZ axis positioning stages, plate dispensers, stackers, handlers, and washers. All these instruments require quality components in order to function and our portfolio of precision manufactured components enable quality end products for liquid handling equipment manufacturers.

Discover our sensors, ball bearings, stepper motors, fans, impellers and their applications in liquid handling automation.


The MMR920 micro pressure sensor with bi-directional measurement, robust construction, and high sensitivity makes it an ideal sensor for extraction and dispensing automated pipette robots. A miniaturized size of 7 mm x 7mm x 7.2mm size makes this sensor easy to integrate into a tight space.  The MMR920 pressure cavity isolates pressure media to only the backside of the silicon pressure die keeping the electronics on the other side from being contaminated by harmful humidity.   The MMR920 measures both positive and negative pressure with resolution as low as 1 Pascal.

The MMR920 utilizes proven microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) piezoresistive technology (PRT) sensor element with a 24-bit Analog Front End.  Low pass filter is integrated allowing for smooth and high-resolution signal with the ability to detect fluid drop being dispensed from a pipette. The following GIF shows the sensor detecting drops of water leaving a 4 mm diameter tube after being extracted from a beaker. Pressure inside the tube rises incrementally as each fluid drop exits the tube.

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Stepping Motors

Our stepper motors provide precise positioning and are capable of micro steps to ensure higher resolution. We are a global leader for hybrid stepper motors, which can accommodate a variety of liquid handling automation tasks. For example, our hybrid stepper motor with an electric gripper is ideal for liquid handling robotics. Our hybrid stepper motors also include a gearbox type series with a combination of a 2-phase stepping motor and gearbox available in standard backlash and low backlash design. Hybrid stepper motors with positional sensors are also available. These allow closed-loop control of the hybrid motor without the high cost and complexity of using a servo. We also have traditional permanent magnet stepper motors which are available for customization or mass production. These range from as small as 3.4 mm up to 55 mm.

Ball Bearings & Mechanical Assemblies

Standard inch and metric series radial bearings reduce friction and allow for moderate axial and radial loads. Chrome steel, stainless steel, and specialized anti-corrosive steel bearings are available with crown or ribbon type retainers. We also offer mechanical bearing assemblies which are high precision custom products, manufactured to the highest standards of quality, cost effectiveness and reliability. These machined components such as magnets, gears, molded and machined plastic parts, die cast parts and special materials are designed and manufactured to work precisely with our precision ball bearings. Our assembly process and inspection methods have been optimized to produce the highest quality product for liquid handling automation equipment.

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Fans & Impellers

Thermal control is an important part of liquid handling automation, and our fans and impellers deliver superior thermal management. Due to a variety of liquids or potential washdown, we offer IP68/IP69K fans that protect against contamination or exposure. The majority of our fans are available through our distribution partners and if you’re looking for customization, we have local application engineers who will be happy to support you.