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Our Brands

Our broad portfolio of product brands was established throughout a long history of strategic development and acquisitions. Today we are a global manufacturer delivering precision components and building a foundation from which we will create innovative integrated solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Connect with us: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nmb-technologies https://www.facebook.com/NMB-Technologies-368008589980303/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpF8nXPJocgfuRqDw2T9W1g

Our globally recognized NMB ball bearings and cooling fans deliver superior performance and quality. Miniature ball bearings are where we perfected development and manufacturing of precision components.

Minebea is well-known for motion control components such as DC Motors and Stepping Motors. We are the leading global manufacturer of Hybrid Stepping Motors that deliver smooth, precise positioning.

Mitsumi product portfolio expands our engineering and development resources for integrated solutions. Their lineup includes RF components, switches, automotive & mobile connectors and semiconductors & sensors.

SALIOT, a smart adjustable light for the internet of things, can be easily adjusted using a smartphone app. Discover sophisticated illumination at your fingertips.

U-shin supports Automotive innovation with technology-driven solutions combining mechanical design, electronics and software. Learn more about our vehicle access products today.

Paradox Engineering products provide open source smart city network, sensor and software solutions that help municipalities utilize data to increase efficiency and realize cost savings.

PMDM brushless DC motors deliver precision German engineering excellence and performance. Developing superior motion control solutions is in our DNA.

Ablic develops and manufactures safe and reliable cutting-edge integrated circuit technologies for vehicles, smartphones and medical devices.

For industrial weighing applications, Minebea Intec delivers robust measurement and inspection equipment. Our mission is to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of production processes.

Myonic develops advanced bearing products for demanding applications within the medical, dental, automotive and aerospace industries. Solving challenges for our customers is what drives us.

HTK is a trusted manufacturer of robust interconnect solutions for telecom, industrial automation and automotive applications. We design and develop solutions based on our customers’ needs.

Minebea Connect manufactures a wide range of terminals for electronic and electrical equipment, as well as various connectors including waterproof connectors and automotive connectors.