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MinebeaMitsumi Precision Machining Capabilities

Want to know why engineers choose NMB miniature ball bearings to deliver high quality and reliable performance? NMB Bearings are produced using ultra-precision machining technology that was designed and fabricated in-house in order to meticulously manage each step in the manufacturing process. Each stage of the process - from turning to grinding and polishing - is defined by our customer's requirements.

It is possible to combine our precision machined components and ball bearings into an assembly unit that can be fully customized. Precision Mechanical Assemblies, or PMA, allow customers to realize cost and time savings during product design and development. Keep reading to learn more about our capabilities.

Understanding the Process


We start by understanding our customer’s pain points and design challenges so we can recommend an optimal solution.

Design & Prototyping

Next, we work with our customer’s design team to develop the production process and fabricate initial samples for evaluation.


Our production facilities can support small lot to high volume mass production.


We have an established global supply chain and logistics network to support our customers worldwide.

NMB-Mechanical Bearing Assemblies

What is "PMA"

PMA stands for “Precision Mechanical Assembly” which is a precision machined component that contains one or more ball bearings. Our engineering team works closely with each customer’s design team to develop a fully custom component that meets their application and performance requirements. Custom, pre-assembled components help our customers reduce assembly time and cost while shortening inspection periods and eliminating defects.

In addition to PMA solutions, we offer Precision Machined Components (PMC) that do not contain a ball bearing. The PMC division will develop a process to produce custom, high quality components that meets the customer requirements and specifications. Custom machined components are ideal high precision applications such as medical, automotive and industrial equipment.

Material Selection

  • Stainless Steel: SUS3xx, SUS4xx, SUS6xx, 17-4PH, etc.
  • Steel: SUJ2, SUMxx, SCMxx, etc.
  • Aluminum: A2xxx, A5xxx, A6xxx, etc.
  • Brass: C3604, C6801, etc.

Available Sizes

  • Max. Outer Diameter: 50mm*
  • Max Length: 440mm

We have experience up to 240mm OD.

Machining Capabilities

  • Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Heat Treatment

Multitasking Machine

Multi-spindle Machine

CNC Turning Machine

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