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DC Motors Drive Energy Efficiency Solutions

MinebeaMitsumi is an industry leader for motion control solutions. We produce a broad range of DC motors, both brush and brushless, that provide efficient performance for high speed applications. Our cost effective DC brush motor lineup features good controllability, a patented square motor portfolio and low profile solutions while our DC Brushless motors deliver a reliable, high powered and quality solution.

Our local engineering team can help select the best motor for your project, and recommend custom add-ons for optimized performance. Keep reading to learn more.

DC Brush
DC Brushless

Types of DC Motors

MinebeaMitsumi manufactures two types of DC motors

A DC brush motor employs brushes that apply current to a commutator located on the armature (rotor). When current is applied, a magnetic field is created within the coil which is then attracted and repelled by the surrounding magnets in the frame (stator). The motor rotates by continuously switching the current to alternate polarity.

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors use an electric controller in place of the brushes and commutator to achieve better efficiency and reliability. The controller applies current to fixed coils on the stator while the magnets act as the rotor. This design supports both inner and outer rotor configurations, and offers many advantages such as smaller and lighter motors with improved heat dissipation. BLDC motors are ideal for applications requiring high performance and extended life.

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S Series: A Superior DC Brush Motor

If you need more torque without sacrificing size or cost, our S series DC brush motors are the ideal solution. By employing a 4-pole, 6-slot construction with magnets placed in each corner, MinebeaMitsumi developed a unique square design. A new type of metal brush was integrated to significantly increase the life of the motor. The rounded edges enable flexibility during design and installation and can achieve low cogging and decreased noise. Interested in our S series DC brush motors? View our full lineup.

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High Power | High Performance | No Compromise

Our high performance BLDC motors merge German engineering excellence with high volume precision manufacturing. These motors are developed at our state-of-the-art MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH. Delivering the highest power density of our BLDC lineup, our PMDM-branded products are best suited for high demand applications such as AGVs, robotics and power tools. Frameless kits are also available to provide design flexibility in small spaces.

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Need Something Custom?

Not only do we offer standard DC motors through our distribution partners, we can also help design custom solutions for our OEM customers when needed. Our engineering team works closely with each customer to understand size and performance requirements, and then recommends adjustments or add-ons for the perfect fit. Here are a few of the customizations we can offer:

  • Modified shaft (knurl, spline)
  • Gear & pulleys
  • Gear box
  • Encoder
  • Thermistors
  • Driver electronics
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