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6-axis Force Sensor Engineering

We combined MEMS PRT technology with a metal flexural structure to create a simple, reliable and cost effective sensor. The MMS101 utilizes six analog front end (AFE) ICs and 6 MEMS PRT dies providing digital SPI interface fully calibrated output. Correction coefficients used for matrix operation (removal of interference components from other axes) are stored in the AFE IC memory, and can be read prior to the start of measurement which eliminates the need for users to control the sensor and coefficients for correction. Built-in linear regulators (LDO) reduce noise to provide high resolution signals. Weighing only 3 grams and having a diameter of 9.6 mm, the MMS101 is suitable for force (as low as 0.04 Newton) and torque measurements within the fingertips of robotic hands.

mems sensor with flexure
Mitsumi 6-Axis Force Sensor electric diagram
Mitsumi 6-Axis Force Sensor in robotics

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