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Our Commitment to a Global Society

As a global organization, it is our mission to pursue sustainable development that advances both society and the environment. We are committed to engaging in fair and ethical business management with strict adherence to all local laws and regulations. Facilitating an open dialogue with our stakeholders helps us identify new opportunities to improve transparency and accountability in our corporate initiatives.

MinebeaMitsumi continuously reviews our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy and sets new goals to address evolving needs of local communities.

Keep Our Earth Clean – Go Green!

Now, more than ever, responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes are critical to reverse the global impact of climate change. MinebeaMitsumi has a team dedicated to reviewing and implementing policies to reduce emissions, conserve energy and produce products that are free from environment-harming substances.

Beginning in 2021, MinebeaMitsumi established a new Green Products Logo to denote environmentally friendly products within our portfolio. We aim to raise the ratio of Net Sales of Green Products to 90 percent or more by 2029. Global carbon neutrality will continue to define our mission to not only reduce our own emissions, but also to supply environmentally conscious products that support the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Cultivating Relationships with Our Stakeholders

Sourcing from reliable suppliers is necessary to maintain a stable supply chain. MinebeaMitsumi believes our suppliers should meet specified standards that align with our Code of Conduct and promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives throughout the procurement network. We are committed to pursuing procurement practices that minimize environmental impacts, and comply with each country’s laws and directives for chemical substances. These relationships are cultivated carefully so that we can better serve our customers.

At MinebeaMitsumi, we are continuously evaluating opportunities to improve the quality of our products. Our Quality Management Team supports certification programs and all business divisions completed the transition to SO 9001:2015. We developed a system to standardize all manufacturing labels and barcodes in order to improve the verification process minimize shipment errors. We invest in internal auditor education and training to further support transparent quality assurance practices.

Global Community Engagement


Collaboration with a local vocational school to develop a joint program to advance student’s technical skills. By studying at both the classroom and the factory, students can gain practical experience and knowledge to better prepare them for the future.


Various initiatives are supported to deepen ties with local communities such as donations to centers for elderly and impoverished children, disaster relief volunteer programs and blood donation drives.


In addition to support local communities during recent flooding disasters, Minebea Thai collaborated with a community shopping center to erect a pedestrian bridge over a hazardous street. This helps our employees and local residents navigate the road safely.


Soccer is one of the top sports in Cambodia with a large community following. MinebeaMitsumi is an official partner of the Cambodia National Soccer Team and sponsor to the Football Federation of Cambodia.

A Great Place to Work!

We actively engage in initiatives to improve employee health, workplace safety, diversity and career development to build an environment where people are proud to work.

MinebeaMitsumi believes in empowering women in the workplace, and has created a taskforce to actively hire, develop and promote women within the company. In order to accomplish this goal, we need to recognize the importance of balance between work and family which is why we encourage all employees, both male and female, to take advantage of childcare leave.

Working across countries and cultures provides new opportunities for cross-functional collaboration. By supporting flexible work styles and schedules, MinebeaMitsumi truly supports a global workforce.

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