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Hazard Switch

Based on an automotive switch and incorporates a waterproof structure in consideration of installation in industrial machinery.

Illuminated Switch

(Indicator lighting - non-lining switch) A push switch that supports LED lighting. The shape and lighting of the switch is visible in both daytime and nighttime. It can support various design specifications through changes to the lens color and symbol printing.

Seesaw Switch

Allows variation of single-throw, double-throw, alternator, and momentary switching. Indicator uses an LED, and offers long life.

Jog Dial Switch

A jog dial switch with both a select function through turning and a setting function through pushing.

Combination Switch

A combination switch that integrates in one part a lighting switch, turn signal switch, and hazard switch.

PTO Switch

Power take off switch used for shifting engine power when driving work machines and other equipment. By adjusting the design, it can be used as an emergency engine stop switch.

Grip Switch

Grip switch for controlling speed changes for agricultural machinery such as tractors and combines.

Switch Box

Switch box that combines in one unit various functions and work condition adjustments for agricultural machinery.

CAN Communication Switch Box

Switch box that combines various function adjustments such as the tilt, depth, sensitivity, position, and speed of working machine for automatic control in line with the operator's own preferred working conditions. Cumbersome connections can be eliminated through control by CAN communication with hybrid input and output that combines switches and controllers.

Starter Switch

Various starter switches for agricultural and industrial machinery.

Safety Switch

Safety Switch with enhanced waterproof and dust resistance. It can handle minute electric current and its water proof direct connector allows to be installed outside of a vehicle.

Wire Harnesses
Wire Harness

We can provide support from selection of electrical components to circuit design.

Wire Harness for Combines

We can provide support from selection of electrical components to circuit design. Can support anti-rodent (rats/mice) configuration.

Wire Harness (UL)

It can support connectors, etc. conforming to UL electric wire and electrical appliance safety laws. In addition, thermistor embedding is also supported.

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