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MEMS Gauge Pressure Technology

Mitsumi gauge sensors utilize Microelectromechanical (MEMS) systems Piezoresistive technology with excellent resolution without risks of contamination from pressure media. To achieve ultra high resolution, our low pressure range MEMS diaphragm is integrated with beams and trenches to concentrate stress on the piezoelectric element (patent pending). This approach results in increased sensitivity in the realm of the thermal-anemometer type pressure sensor while maintaining robustness of dead-end membrane pressure sensor.

We combine our own 24 bit Analog Front End (AFE) IC with our MEMS pressure sensor die to offer a high performing yet cost effective pressure sensor for low pressure board mount applications.

With aggressive pressure medium such as Hydro Carbon based gases, we utilize laminated FR4 layers in the MMR920 to route pressure sources (U.S. patent number 11,137,305) towards the backside of the die thus isolating the electronics and conductors from exposure the harmful and corrosive gases.

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