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Our Local Engineers Help Design Tailor-made Solutions

MinebeaMitsumi produces two types of stepping motors – hybrid type and permanent magnet type – and is the leading manufacturer of hybrid steppers. Stepping motors are best suited for applications that require a high torque to volume ratio, greater resolution and positioning stability. A simple open loop control mechanism can be used to manage step angle and directional inputs. Our local engineering team can help you select the right stepping motor and review custom options to create an optimized solution for your application.

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Permanent Magnet
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Types of Minebea Stepping Motors

We offer two types of stepping motors that deliver precise incremental movement. Permanent Magnet Steppers combine two permanent magnet rotors which are axially magnetized and align with corresponding poles on the stator when current is applied. While the strength of the magnet makes it difficult to achieve high speeds, it can deliver higher torque making it ideal for simple positioning applications.

Hybrid stepping motors also utilize permanent magnets but include teeth on both the rotor and stator which helps confine the magnetic flux. This structure can also achieve better resolution and higher speeds while still providing good torque. Hybrid steppers deliver high performance and are ideal for demanding and complex applications.

High Volume + High Quality = Value

As a high volume manufacturer, MinebeaMitsumi can meet the rising production demands and deliver cost effective solutions. The parts for our stepping motors are manufactured in-house allowing us control over materials, tooling and overall quality. MinebeaMitsumi manufacturers several hundred thousand stepping motors annually using our internally developed tooling and assembly equipment. Our R&D continues to push the boundaries with new motion control technologies such as miniature stepping motors and robotic grippers.

The main stepping motor manufacturing location is our Lop Buri Plant in Thailand. Some of our specialty stepping motors such as high speed permanent magnet motors and small diameter permanent magnet motors are produced at our plant in Cambodia.

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Custom Options for Stepping Motors

Sometimes an off-the-shelf motor just won’t do – in that case, MinebeaMitsumi offers several custom options to create an optimized solution for your application. Our local engineers work with customers to develop a tailor-made stepping motor by adding custom windings, encoders, gearboxes and more. We can also increase the IP rating using advanced potting processes for added protection in damp/dusty environments.

Talk to our team today to see how we can help with your project.

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