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Discover Optimized Solutions Through In-House Customization

NMB miniature ball bearings are frequently relied upon to drive motion in high performance applications. Our engineering capabilities and support, drawn from decades of technical experience, allow us to evaluate each individual application and provide a customized ball bearing solution tailored for your design. Over the years, we have developed new technologies such as our patented corrosion-resistant material and unique lubrication formulations to meet the evolving needs of each industry we serve. Continue reading to learn more!

Basic Mechanism of Ball Bearings

Ball bearings use the low-friction rolling of balls to realize the smooth rotation of the shaft and the efficient transmission of kinetic energy to the various parts of the machine. This contributes to energy savings, longer life and reduction of breakdowns for the machinery. A precision of the bearings is linked directly to a precision of the machinery.

Ball bearings consist of four components – an outer and inner ring, a retainer, and the balls. The outer and inner rings support the rotational motion, the balls reduce the friction from that rotational motion, and the retainer keeps the balls in place. Lubricant is also added to make the movement even smoother, and some form of shielding is applied to prevent the lubricant from leaking.

MinebeaMitsumi’s greatest strength lies in single row radial deep groove ball bearings with external diameters up to 22mm.

NMB offers a wide range of inch and metric size ball bearings See Bearing Products

Custom Ball Bearing Options

  • Chromium steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Proprietary corrosion resistant steel
  • Ceramic
  • Ribbon
  • Plastic
  • Crown
  • Metal shield
  • Rubber non-contact seal
  • Rubber contact seal
  • Teflon seal
  • Lithium soap grease
  • Urea grease
  • Fluorinated grease
  • Conductive grease
  • Oil
Our local engineers can help you create a custom ball bearings solution Ball Bearing Engineering

Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Stainless steel has inherent magnetic and conductive properties that can be reduced or eliminated when using ceramic (silicon nitride) material. By integrating ceramic material, we are also able to support higher speeds and longer life than with traditional stainless steel bearings. Hybrid bearings consist of corrosion-resistant stainless steel rings and high-durability ceramic balls, delivering the collective advantages of each material.

Hybrid ball bearings can be used in applications requiring high speed such as high-end skateboards, automotive turbochargers and more. Learn how our customer was able to minimize the effects of magnetism within a 3D printing galvanometer application.

Anti-Corrosion Giga Protection® (GP) Bearings

MinebeaMitsumi partnered with our steel suppliers to develop a ball bearing using an innovative new material that is 20 times more resistant to rust and corrosion than ordinary stainless steel bearings. This bearing material is ideal for applications that may be exposed to saltwater, harsh weather or chemicals such as fishing reels and marine equipment, weather meters and medical devices. Using GP bearings in high corrosion applications can largely reduce defects and maintenance for end products thus increasing overall customer satisfaction.

The World's Smallest Bearing

When Swiss watch manufacturers were looking to create the axles of their renowned Tourbillon watches, they came to us. Long considered one of the most difficult watch parts to produce, the construction traditionally requires extremely strong, precise jewels such as Ruby.

We were able to develop a customized miniature ball bearing with an outer diameter of just 1.4978mm: small and perfect enough to be used instead of a jewel.

Apart from setting a new standard in watchmaking, we were awarded the Guinness World Record for the smallest commercially-available ball bearing.

The development and manufacture of the smallest components is part of the group’s core business.

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