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Robotics will play a critical role in the global workforce by automating repetitive and dangerous tasks, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. Selecting high quality components like our sensors, ball bearings, cooling fans, electrical motors, microactuators, and haptics will enable robots to perform well across diverse environments. By investing in quality components for your robotics technology, you will enhance operations for increased economic value and increased customer satisfaction.

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Key trends in the robotics market

The United States is a significant player in the global robotics market and the key trends shaping this industry include:

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT): Integration of IoT technologies into robotics systems enhances connectivity, data exchange, and automation.

Automated Guided Vehicles: These versatile robots operate independently, improving efficiency across sectors like logistics, warehousing, and agriculture.

Collaborative Robots (Cobots): Cobots work alongside humans, enhancing productivity and safety in manufacturing and assembly lines.

Open-Source Software: Developers leverage open-source platforms to create customizable and cost-effective robotic solutions.

5G and Edge Computing: High-speed 5G networks and edge computing enable real-time data processing, critical for robotics applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI-driven robotics, including self-learning robots, revolutionize automation and decision-making.

Simplification: Efforts to simplify robot implementation make them accessible to industries previously untouched by automation.

The US robotics market is expected to a continue growing this decade, with a projected annual revenue growth rate of 4.41% from 2024 to 2028.

How do we add value?

We manufacture components that provide the precision needed to support the increasing complexity of robot functionality. Our precision-manufactured components are designed to provide the reliability, efficiency, and dynamic performance needed to confidently support robotic operations. Partnering with us as your trusted supplier will equip your robotic devices with the highest quality components that will protect the robot from the friction and heat that deteriorate functionality.

About NMB Technologies Corp

NMB Technologies Corporation is a MinebeaMitsumi Group company; a global leader in the design and production of miniature ball bearings, precision components, electromechanical components, and semiconductor components. Our precision manufacturing expertise also includes backlights, lighting products, advanced technology components for smart cities, medical devices, automotive manufacturers, and industrial manufacturers.

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