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We offer an extensive range of automotive stepper motors with custom options to deliver the highest performance within the toughest environments. The growing electrification trend is driving the need for more energy efficient and high-technology stepping motor components. MinebeaMitsumi is continuously developing new solutions to meet the evolving needs of our automotive customers


  • Highly customizable
  • High quality materials
  • Ball bearing standard
  • Designed for high temperatures
  • Optimized for low vibration and noise
  • Local engineering resources


  • Adaptive headlight systems
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Cluster gauges
  • Fuel pump
  • Adjustment for mirror, door, sunroof and seats
  • And more

Stepping Motors for Automotive

Automotive stepper motors are historically used to provide miniature adjustments for applications that require reliable, precise actuation. Within vehicles, stepper motors are used inside instrument clusters to provide accurate gauge readings that alert drivers to fuel levels, rate of speed, mileage measurements and more. As vehicle technology has evolved, these gauges have started to move from mechanical to digital.

However, automotive stepper motors play a key roll in new vehicle safety features such as adaptive headlight systems. The basic function of this system is to make minor adjustments, both vertically and horizontally, to the headlight position in order precisely illuminate the roadway. By turning the headlights into a curve, for example, a driver is able to see more objects within the vehicle’s path thus increasing driver awareness and improving response times.

DC Brush Motors for Automotive

DC Brush motors are an economical solution for various motion needs within vehicles. Doors and tailgates are becoming increasingly automatic to provide passengers with easy access and increased security. Motors are required in order to release door and gate latches and also to for sliding door movement such as those on minivans. Seat adjustment has also evolved from solely manual to highly mechanical and customizable. Some driver seats within luxury cars offer many different directions of adjustment, plus lumbar support – all of which require motors. Brush DC Motors can also be used for mechanical mirror adjustment and sunroof opening/closing.

Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS) increase awareness and safety by alerting drivers to adverse road events such as blind spot detection, lane-keep assist and object recognition. When the system detects one of these events, it needs to be able to alert the driver. OUr DC Brush motors can be fitted with a counterweight that produces vibrations when engaged. This motor mechanism can be integrated into steering wheels or driver seats to provide haptic feedback to improve driver awareness.


Brushless DC Motors for Automotive

Vehicle efficiency has become a critical selling point for new cars and trucks in recent years as consumers grow more conscious of the environmental effects of carbon emissions. Each component plays a role in overall vehicle efficiency – Brushless DC Motors (BLDC) are a good choice when high efficiency is required without sacrificing performance. This is why BLDC motors are used in many power train and engine applications such as fuel pumps, refrigerator pumps and urea SCR systems.

Many BLDC motors in our lineup can be converted to Automotive grade through the addition of automotive-specific electronics and materials. This integration improves the temperature range and vibration and noise output that is critical to Automotive operation. We also have Automotive dedicated factories that manufacture these components in TS16949 defined environments.

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