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Monday - May 2, 2022

BLDC Motors Drive Efficient Air Purification

The air purifier market has witnessed major growth in the last two years due to two historic events. First, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people became hyperaware of the air they were breathing and second, when raging wildfires produced smoke that slowly covered the country from coast to coast. The most effective air purifiers utilize high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that require a stronger flow in order to push air through the filter. Low-voltage BLDC motors are ideal for this application because they deliver good performance while maintaining low-power consumption.

Washable Filters Help Reduce Waste & Operating Costs

Some new air purifier models are being designed with washable filters – a few are even able to be cleaned in the dishwasher. This type of system may appeal to consumers who are hesitant to invest in traditional technology because of the cost to continuously replace the HEPA filters. Researchers are finding new ways to ensure the equipment is still effective at removing typical airborne contamination. Some new carbon filters can be placed outside in the sun in order to regenerate and restore it’s filtering abilities. The most effective washable filter systems employ 3 layers of filtering – a pre-filter, collecting plate and carbon filter. Like the HEPA filters, they need sufficient airflow in order to support steady performance and maintain efficacy.

Not only can washable filters reduce costs, but they also help minimize waste by not requiring regular filter replacement. Consumers are now more conscious about reducing their carbon footprint than ever before so designing systems that incorporate reusable or recyclable materials is essential for increased adoption.

Upgrade Your Air Purifier Design With Low-Voltage BLDC Motors

Interested in reducing the power draw of your air purifier or circulator design? Minebea BLDC motors are offered in low-voltage options making them ideal for application requiring low noise and reliable performance over the life of the product. Local engineering support can assist with design integration or custom options to create the optimal solution based on our customer’s performance requirements. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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