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Monday - February 28, 2022

Closed Loop Stepping Servo System for Co-bot Grippers

MinebeaMitsumi recently developed a cobot gripper built on our hybrid motor technology. The simple mechanism is composed of a spiral cam shaft drive system and integrates high precision NMB ball bearings for increased efficiency and reliability. The lightweight design is compact and can be offers flexible mounting options. As a comprehensive solution, customers can combine the gripper with an ST-box to expand functionality.

Function of Cobot Gripper with ST-Box

  • Simple Control – software can be programmed to precisely control gripping force, speed and position without external sensors.
  • Detection Function – users are able to detect the size of an object and also whether an object was actually picked up during conveyance.
  • Limit-setting Function – because it is possible to define the fully open position and fully closed position while operating the gripper, users can reduce the cycle time by aligning the finger(s) more closely with the size of each object.
  • Low Gripping Force – electric grippers can precisely control gripping force when dealing with fragile objects. It is possible to lower the gripping force in order to accommodate different scenarios.
  • Program-defined Gripping Conditions – users can define up to 16 types of programs along with gripping conditions.
  • Interface – IO and RS485 communication enables the gripper to communicate with PLC and cobots.
  • Parameter Settings – Easily manage and set the parameters of each gripper with MinebeaMitsumi application software.

If you would like to talk to one of our engineers to find out more about integrating our electric gripper solution into your cobotics application, contact us today.

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