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Monday - February 21, 2022

Connected, Adjustable Lighting Helps Convention Centers Evolve

Commercial track lighting is often considered an afterthought when people are planning expos, meetings and events. However, commercial lighting designers know that even small adjustments can make a big impact. Where does the light draw your eye? Is the illumination bold or soft – warm or cool? Each detail can make or break the outcome of an event and should be carefully considered.

Commercial Track Lighting That Adapts to Your Needs

For new installations, designers and specifiers are increasingly interested in commercial lighting solutions that can be controlled wirelessly. In the past, lighting controls were complex and required a dedicated technician to operate. Today, by developing an easy-to-use mobile device application, lights can be controlled easily by any staff member, and has resulted in both time and cost savings.

Large convention centers need a wide variety of lighting equipment – from stage and meeting room lighting to ballroom and event lighting. Ceiling heights and configurations can also vary, which presents a challenge for lighting designers. Having a single fixture that is flexible and can perform multiple functions simply through the touch of a button is an ideal solution.

SALIOT, the “Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet of Things” was developed by MinebeaMitsumi to showcase our motion control expertise and address key needs in the commercial lighting industry. Through a mobile device app, users can easily move SALIOT up, down, left and right, and can also adjust color temperature of the LEDs. Motors within the housing enable precise movement of the light and, on some models, it is even possible to remotely modify the beam angle, or “zoom” the light spread in and out. Eliminating the need for ladders and lift equipment has also led to improved worker safety.

Commercial Track Lighting That Follows Your Every Move

After engaging more with lighting designers and specifiers, we were able to identify additional pain points that impact the industry. Being able to quickly configure the lights as needed, for a variety of events, is especially important for convention center administrators. Lighting should be dynamic and transition easily between different settings, such as business meetings or dinner parties. With SALIOT, users can preset scenes and recall them with the touch of a button. This works well when a room has only a handful of different lighting arrangements.

In order to achieve even more freedom when setting up SALIOT fixtures, we integrated an infrared (IR) tracking device that the operator can use to precisely direct the spotlight onto a defined object. For example, if you need to readjust the illumination focus after moving a table, you can simple place the IR device where you want the light to focus and press a button. The light fixture will automatically move to point directly at the exact spot. This allows operators to quickly change room configurations without having to endure complex lighting adjustments afterwards.

Not only does this feature make for quick setup, but it can also be used to follow a speaker during a presentation. The speaker just needs to clip the small IR tracker to their clothing and set the “follow” function on the fixture in the app. Once complete, the light will follow the speaker around the stage automatically.

If you are interested in learning more about SALIOT, reach out to our team today. We have a range of designs and colors to fit your application needs.

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