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Monday - June 13, 2022

Optimizing Battery Life for Power Tools with High-efficiency Components

Cordless power tools are becoming commonplace for both hobby and professional users because they are convenient and easy to operate. Being able to move around an area untethered offers users more freedom and can even help reduce the total time it takes to complete a job. As more consumers replace their corded power tools with battery-operated solutions, it is critical for manufacturers to source energy efficiency components in order to prolong run time between charges.

Manage Battery Performance with Robust Protection ICs

Battery operated equipment requires additional protection to prevent power surges and enhance charging efficacy. Battery management ICs can detect adverse events while a device is charging or in use and implement countermeasures such as regulating voltage and current to prevent damage to the tool and prevent risk to the user. Low power consumption, small size and detection accuracy are the most important features to look for when choosing a battery protection IC for your application.

Custom AC Adapters for Optimized Battery Charging

Each power tool manufacturer has a unique design for their battery and charging mechanism – this personalized approach enables each brand to distinguish themselves from the competition. There is always a desire to reduce the size and weight of the equipment to improve the user experience. A custom-designed AC adapter or charger offers engineers full control over the layout of electronics and components which can help reduce the overall footprint and improve ergonomics of the equipment.

Brushless DC Motors Deliver High Speed and Efficiency for Cordless Power Tools

Traditionally, power tools were outfitted with DC Brush Motors that delivered high speed operation while remaining cost effective. Today, however, Brushless DC Motors offer better performance and efficiency that is especially important for battery power tools. BLDC Motors do not contain brushes which reduces friction within the motor, which allows the BLDC motor to consume less power than Brushed DC Motors under equivalent operating conditions. Additionally, BLDC Motors are low maintenance and can help extend the life of your equipment.

Engineers at the MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center in Europe are experts in motor design and development with the goal of addressing emerging needs in the motion control industry. Our portfolio includes high performance BLDC motors with increased power density for high-speed operation within a compact enclosure for better design flexibility. Customers have the option to add custom features such as hall sensors, encoders, gearboxes and driver electronics to optimize motor performance for their application.

As more of our devices become cord-free, there is an increased need for energy efficient components to drive these new technologies. If you are interested in learning more about how MinebeaMitsumi components can help lower the energy consumption of your application, contact us today.

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