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Monday - December 12, 2022

Personalized Beauty: A Revenue Powerhouse for Retailers

The beauty and self-care industry has witnessed significant growth over the last decade as a result of targeted advertising and image-conscious consumers. With Youtube and Instagram channels geared towards makeup tutorials and skincare regimens, more people are exploring new products that promise to reduce wrinkles, cover blemishes, enhance features and more. While many retail chains are closing brick and mortar stores in favor of online shopping, Ulta and Sephora – two major beauty retailers – opened more locations in 2022. They are both also partnered with well-known retailers that host pop-up installations within their larger store locations such as Target and Kohls.

Personalization is a growing trend within many industries – car buyers want more custom features in their vehicles, patients demand increasingly tailored treatment plans, and homeowners are installing smart devices that adapt to their lifestyle. As consumers continue to invest more into their appearance, they are exposing a desire for customized formulas and colors that cater towards each individual’s personalized beauty requirements.

The beauty industry has historically catered towards Caucasian customers. Manufacturers have faced pressure in recent years to expand their offering of colors and formulations in order to support their diverse user community. However, it is challenging to maintain a wide product lineup that is compatible with various skin types. This is where new, smart devices are helping beauty manufacturers manage costs and reach more consumers by providing personalized beauty solutions.

Precise Color Matching

During the pandemic, consumers were forced to order most makeup and skincare products online and therefore, bypass the color matching experience that most high-end retailers provide. Even as retailers reopen, customers are hesitant to resume in-store product testing due to the risk of infection. Beauty companies are now evaluating solutions for reaching customers in the comfort of their home while maintaining brand expectations.

New technology is making it easier to accurately mix makeup shades using a smart device that can match skin tones or color swatches. These solutions can be blended as needed so that users can modify coverage according to season as their skin tone changes from summer to winter. These devices can be used to customize shades for foundation, lipstick, hair color and more.

Custom Serum-mixing

Social media has contributed to substantial exposure and growth within the skin care industry. Consumers, both young and old, are looking for remedies to their perceived skin woes. For example, as we age, many people rely on lotions, serums and treatments that guarantee to minimize the look of wrinkles and age spots. Because every individual is unique, their skin responds differently to each product.

Personalized skincare regimens – where brands send product combinations tailored to an individual – are increasing in popularity. Some startups are taking that concept a step further and creating a device that can instantly combine a predetermined mix of serums. This not only helps maintain the potency of the effective ingredients but can also create new revenue streams from subscription plans.

Miniature Motors Maximize Personalization

How do these custom makeup and skincare devices work? Typically stepping motors are employed to drive precise liquid dispensing and while DC motors power thorough mixing through actuation. As these devices are wireless, the motors need to operate as efficiently as possible to prolong battery life and user satisfaction. Consumer beauty devices also need to be small and lightweight – miniature stepping and DC motors are an ideal solution to deliver reliable performance in a small package and meet the high production quantities required.

In addition to small motors, NMB Technologies offers power management ICs, MEMS pressure sensors, USB-C connectors and tactile switches ideal for compact, battery-powered consumer devices. Reach out to our team for more information.

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