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Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Brushless 3-Phase Motor


The new FDB BLDC motor combines the advantages of a BLDC (brushless DC) motor with the cutting edge technology of our FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing).

  • Extremely quiet operation and high running accuracy
  • High rotational speed, up to 15,000rpm
  • Low vibration, low noise
  • Low electric power consumption
  • Long working life
  • Hard Disc Drives (HDD)
  • Lidar
  • Virtual reality – motion tracking
  • Cooling fans
  • Respiratory equipment
Standard Models - Specifications
Specification Sheet SP2D Data Sheet
Specification Sheet DTOV Data Sheet

About our FDB Brushless Dynamic Motor

A BLDC motor is brushless, where the commutation is done electronically. There is no need for brushes, as the torque is a function of the electronic action of the brushless motor on the commutator. This means that a brushless motor has fewer parts that can wear out, and there is never any need to be concerned about the condition of the brushes. A BLDC motor is longer lasting and more reliable than their brushed counterparts. It is a very effective motor with an optimized electromagnetic design for noise, vibration and jitter, built for the long-term.

The fluid dynamic bearing designed into this motor was originally developed to satisfy the ultra-precise mechanical requirements and expected long working life of the hard disk drive market. Now, used in our 3-phase brushless DC motor, this same bearing eliminates the limited precision of a ball bearing, minimizing the non-repeatable run out, lowering acoustic noise level and improving reliability. This hydrodynamic bearing system is the right choice for your high precision applications.


Measurement Technology

With its wide temperature range, the BLDC FDB SP2B motor is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor applications. The FDB technology provides high density and accuracy. The small size and the high stiffness both fit perfectly when it comes to mobile application usage. Thanks to the combination of a brushless DC motor with the cutting-edge technology of fluid dynamic bearing, high running and scanning precision are guaranteed.

Safety Technology

High accuracy, low vibration, a wide field of vision as well as high axial and radial stiffness are only a few of the numerous virtues of our FDB motor in the area of safety technology. The motor allows high density and a wide viewing angle. Thanks to the compact design also smaller constructions in this application area are possible. The fluid dynamic bearing comes without the limited precision of ball bearings and minimizes the non-repeatable run out to optimize the steadiness.

Consumer Electronics

The BLDC FDB SP2B motor provides the link to the real world. Due to its extremely quiet running and accuracy, the level of noise is minimized. Furthermore, the FDB motor allows a high density and turns virtual content into reality. The fluid dynamic bearing fulfills the high precision standards in consumer electronics. Since there are no wear parts, a long service life is guaranteed.

Fan with FDB Motor Technology

Now users of laptops and PCs can enjoy the silence of their devices. A barely perceptible whisper of the air flow, which is caused by the fan wheel, is the only noise noticeable. It is thanks to the stiffness of the motor that there is not even any vibration.

LIDAR Systems

Light Detection and Ranging technology, or LIDAR, is critical for advancing autonomous vehicle development. Using reflected light waves, the distance of potential obstacles can be detected with a sensor. The BLDC FDB SP2B motor is ideal for LIDAR applications requiring extremely quiet operation and very high accuracy. Additional advantages of the FDB motor in this area include its small size and long service life.

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