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MinebeaMitsumi has developed a programmable coolant system device for removing dust and chips from manufacturing and industrial machining equipment. This model can be mounted to machine tools operating in small working areas, where mounting of a larger nozzle may be difficult. This new product supplies and directs coolant from almost any medium-pressure coolant pump device.


  • Small and functional size
  • Dedicated smartphone app
  • Program up to 50 Wavy Nozzle devices


  • Removes chips to decrease damages to final product
  • Chips will not accumulate
  • Coolant oil is consistently and accurately distributed

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Wavy Nozzle 2 does not require the use of a conventional wire controller. Using our dedicated app with your smartphone, it is possible to use this as a wireless controller to communication with Wavy Nozzle 2. With our smartphone app and Bluetooth Mesh network users are able to manipulate up to 50 Wavy Nozzle 2 units. Reliable connectivity is possible even within large factories where reception is weak.

The Wavy Nozzle 2 has three nozzle operating patterns optimized for removing machine dust and chips.  A user can select any suitable operating pattern among three modes:

  • Fix – operates at an arbitrary fixed angle
  • Sweep – operated by a reciprocating motion of the spray nozzle
  • Kick – operated by a reciprocating motion of the spray nozzle with variable speed

Why choose Wavy Nozzle?

Metal chips sometimes get entangled around components or tool edges, and this may lead to a stoppage of machines to remove the chips. In addition, chips may damage components and degrade their quality leading to potential defects or recalls in the final product. The removal of chips is directly linked to a reduction in machining time and to the defect rate. After installing the device on a trial basis in our production line for hard disk components, the occurrence rate of defective items (defect rate), which had been around 1%, was improved to 0.02%.

Some machine tools have a device to remove chips by spraying a coolant from a nozzle. Many conventional nozzles are fixed to a Specific location, where the nozzle angle may require frequent manual adjustment depending on the material or processing method. The Wavy Nozzle continuously injects a coolant at its target position via programmed actuation. The idea is that chips are guided in one direction, preventing them from getting entangled. This functionality promotes unmanned operation and automation along machine lines.

Although Wavy Nozzle is a very simple device that supports chip removal, it brings immeasurable benefits. It significantly contributes to an increase in component accuracy and production efficiency, while reducing operation man-hours of engineers. We have taken a new approach to increasing the production yield, a long-standing issue faced by component manufacturers. Moreover, because of its compact design, the unit does not require special equipment, and can easily be installed on new or existing machinery.

To develop the Wavy nozzle, we utilized a wide variety of our components, technologies and expertise such as our world leading hybrid stepping motor. Built on the strong foundations of our vertically integrated manufacturing processes, the Wavy Nozzle integrates 80% of our own in-house parts and materials. Resin-molding, one of the core technologies within MinebeaMitsumi, is used for the body case; the electronic substrate that controls the complex movement is produced in-house within our Electronic Devices Division; and our Bearing Division produces the ball bearings that support smooth and accurate motor movement.

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