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Dental Bearings from Myonic

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As a global leader in dental bearings, Myonic delivers innovative solutions for the most demanding instruments and applications. We believe in a partnership approach that is build on openness, trust and a shared vision for success. Myonic engineers work closely with OEM customers to define specifications, performance requirements and testing parameters in order to identify an optimal solution. Our knowledge of the industry allow us to better understand the challenges dental OEMs face – contact us today to learn how we can help.

  • Air Turbine Handpieces
  • Electric Handpieces
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Electric Motors
  • Can withstand autoclave cycles
  • Speeds up to 500,000 RPM
  • Specialized bearing designs

Flexible portfolio adapts to market demands

In addition to varying applications, customers have different needs in terms of volume, lead time and pricing. Handpiece manufacturers require engineered solutions for new products. Aftermarket suppliers require a large variety of established geometries at competitive prices. Both groups have different expectations and we have organized our products to meet the demands of the customer and the dental application in a streamlined way.

Our elemental line offers the most cost effective solution with simplified product designs and short lead times. Building on this, the optimyn line allows for some customization within a defined set of parameters – ideal for altering standard designs while maintaining an attractive price point. Finally, we offer custom options that range from simply incorporating new materials into existing designs, to multi year projects designing, manufacturing and validating completely new bearing concepts.

We differentiate ourselves by being a development partner, not just a supplier.

dental bearing types
dental handpieces

Designing the right tool for the job

As dentists require different tools for different operations, so too do these tools require different components to meet the varying demands. Air turbines spin at up to 500,000 RPM, surgical tools must withstand large forces, and all tools must be sterilized or autoclaved at high temperatures. These demands dictate specialized bearing designs for each application, and we have the experience and expertise to do so.

We are proven leaders in the market for bearings used in dental instruments

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