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MEMS Sensors

MinebeaMitsumi demonstrates two unique technologies for flow sensing. We have developed both dead-end and flow-through differential pressure sensors to support the diverse needs of our customers.

  • Digital I2C ​
  • 24 Bit Digital Resolution​
  • Linearized and temperature compensated​
  • Includes temperature output

Motors for Damper Actuators

HVAC damper actuators a require high torque to produce smooth movement of damper flaps. We offer 3 types of motors for damper control that can be customized to suit our customer’s design requirements.

IP-rated Cooling Fans

Electronic components require extra protection while operating in extreme environments. We offer a wide range of NMB fans with varying levels of ingress protection, such as IP55, IP58 and IP69K, so that our customers can optimize cost while maximizing performance.

  • 40mm – 172mm size range
  • Available with new metal casing
nmb ball bearing catalog

High Efficiency Ball Bearings

NMB brand ball bearings are manufactured to the highest quality and reliability standards. The materials, parts and precision machine tools are designed and assembled in-house to support the production of 300 million NMB bearings per month.

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