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The evolution, research and development of lighting solutions at MinebeaMitsumi owe its growth to the years of experience and expertise in design and manufacturing of backlight technology. MinebeaMitsumi develops and manufactures millions of units per month of LED panels, less than 15 inches in size, for use in smart phones, car navigation systems, tablets and laptop PCs.


  • Custom made to your application
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Dedicated factory
  • Control of supply chain


  • Automotive
  • Mobile Smart Devices (phones / tablets)
  • Personal computer monitors and laptops
  • Televisions
  • Digital Cameras

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Optical Technology

optical guide plate

Optical Guide Plate Design

Optical guide plate requires design technology that allows uniform light emission across a thin-plate surface. Minebea utilizes injection molding technology, fine mold machining technology and design-based injection molding technology to produce the world’s thinnest optical guide plates.

led lens design

Lens Design

Various designs are required according to the lighting lens application. Detailed simulation of light behavior makes it possible to design ultra-thin optical guide lights and develop new LED lighting lenses.


Micro-optical Element Design

To efficiently control light with a thin lens, micro-optical element design technology is necessary. All elements including light collection, dispersion, reflection and refraction are considered, based on optical simulation technology.

Backlights for Automotive Applications

automotive lighting


Advanced vehicle technology has given rise to highly detailed and interactive displays that greatly improve the driver experience. With the number of screens growing within vehicles over the last 5 years, automotive grade display technology is rapidly evolving. MinebeaMitsumi has a long history of developing and manufacturing automotive grade components for OEMs and automotive tiers suppliers. Our engineers are experienced with the rigorous testing and robust requirements – temperature, life and performance – that are necessary within a vehicle’s environment. We have developed new technology, such as curved and free-form designs, to meet these demands and promote a greater degree of driver engagement.

Curved Backlight

curved backlight

Freeform Backlight

freeform backlight

2D Local Dimming Technology

Most automotive displays in the market utilize LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology which relies on a good quality backlight unit (BLU). BLU’s are comprised of an array of LED’s (either edge lit or direct pattern), optical light guide plate, reflector, diffuser and prism sheets. All of these components work together to provide the performance and uniformity required in increasingly complex and high-resolution LCD screens.

As OLED (Organic LED) technology began to grow within the display market, our R&D team turned their attention to advance the capacity of LCD screens in automotive applications. Our 2D local dimming technology answers the demand for better display quality while maintaining automotive standards and regulating cost. We employ an LED array or direct-type LED which indicates that the LEDs are directly behind the screen instead of along the edge. Then, using software, we can “dim” or turn off specific LEDs to create richer blacks and enable higher contrast.

tft lcd module display
Large backlight for Automotive
Large curved backlight for Automotive