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Tuesday - April 28, 2020

MinebeaMitsumi Donates to 150 Medical Institutions Worldwide

Donation of Medical Items to the Japan Medical Association

Our deepest sympathies go out to all those who are in a difficult situation due to the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infections and we sincerely pray for those affected by the virus to recover as soon as possible.

MinebeaMitsumi hereby announces that we donated medical items listed below that had been stockpiled in various places for the purpose of our disaster countermeasures including infectious diseases and volcanic eruptions, to the Japan Medical Association.

• N95 mask 70,000 masks
• Goggles 8,800 goggles
• Hood 9,000 hoods
• Clean suit 800 suits
• Nitrile gloves 200,000 pairs
Total donations Worldwide

• N95 mask: About 150,000 masks

• Medical items such as goggles, face guards and nitrile gloves

(Announced on April 7, 2020)

Major sites that made the donation:

We have donated to 150 medical institutions in Japan and overseas who have always been supporting our corporate activities especially the health of our employees and governments of Southeast Asian countries where our business is located.

Japan: Tokyo Head Office, Karuizawa Plant, Matsuida Plant, Hamamatsu Plant, Fujisawa Plant, Yonago Plant, MITSUMI ELECTRIC Head Office (Tama city, Tokyo), Atsugi Operation Base, Yamagata Business Division, Akita Business Division, Chitose Business Division, Kyushu Business Division, U-Shin Hiroshima Plant, U-Shin Hamamatsu Plant
Overseas: The United States of America (New Hampshire, California, Indiana), Brazil, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Hungary, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia
In-house production and future external sales of surgical masks

In the medical field, we supply bearings, various motors, sensors, power supplies, semiconductors, connectors, etc. to various medical devices such as ventilators and cardiopulmonary bypass devices. We continue to have a resilient and stable supply system and place the top priority on supplying our parts to meet the growing needs.
From April 1, 2020, we have started in-house production of surgical masks (production target of 200,000 masks a day) in our clean room at Hamamatsu Plant, for the purpose of distributing them to our employees to ensure the safety of employees, prevent infection damage to the outside and to fulfill the supply responsibility as a parts manufacturer in all business activities including production and sales activities.
In addition, we have decided to start external sales of surgical masks from June this year.
As we face a shortage of masks in Japan, we will take steps forward to support those who need masks even a little to prevent the spread the infection.

MinebeaMitsumi will continue to pay sincere respect to everyone involved in the treatment of coronavirus at the front line, and will continue to provide necessary support to prevent the spread of infection.

About the MinebeaMitsumi Group

MinebeaMitsumi is a comprehensive precision components manufacturer that integrates a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, from ultra-precision machining technologies, such as miniature and small ball bearings, which boast the No.1* global market share, to motors, sensors, semi-conductors, wireless technologies. We create new value through difference and contribute to the age of IoT (Internet of Things) as an Electro Mechanics Solutions™** provider.

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