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Charge Port Door System by U-Shin

As vehicle technology advances, historically manual functions are being increasingly automated and electrified. Many charge port doors today require the driver to press a button or the door in order to release the latch. New technology makes it possible for the vehicle to recognize when a charger is near and can automatically open the door so a driver can plug in easily. With our expertise in both mechanical and electronic automotive solutions, we designed a charge port door module that can be customized to your exact specifications.

  • Different levels of customization/price
  • Integrated BLDC actuator, sensor, LED indicators, wireless communication and more
  • Strain gauge sensor is manufactured in-house
  • Single interface between OEM and supplier
  • LIN communication

Smart BLDC Actuator

MinebeaMitsumi developed a smart actuator with LIN communication to drive electronic motion control within vehicles. They are used in many automotive applications such as HVAC, active grill shutters, charge and fuel port doors and more.

Smart BLDC Actuator Features
  • Smart, programmable actuator (PA) with BLDC drive with LIN communication
  • Optimized for different requirements such as high speeds, higher torque or lower costs
  • Integrated electronics enables different functionalities & adjustability to customer needs
  • Anti-pinch, push-to-run, position sensing without sensor, ice breaking functions available
System Components

Strain Gauge Sensor

The sensor can be integrated into the door to detect pushing force. Our strain gauge is resistant to rain, dust and ice and provides robust measuring performance.


Charging indicators can be added using RGB LEDs to display the real-time charging status. It is also possible to add a backlit logo to the module desired.

Connectors & Cables

Expertise in automotive-grade connectors enables us to integrate custom solutions for low voltage applications.

Wireless Communication

In order to communicate with a smartphone or infrastructure, the CPD can be equipped with wireless modules and antennas.

Gesture Control

Advanced systems will operate touch-free using radar sensors so that users can simply wave their hand to open and close the CPD.

Micro Tactile Switch

Mitsumi brand tactile switches can be integrated to deliver high performance in a low-profile package.

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