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Vehicle Latches

U-Shin has a comprehensive line-up of both mechanical and electronic latches to meet the needs of our automotive customers. Our door latch systems are designed to meet the highest industry safety standards while allowing flexibility in design and functionality. Cinching latch and power release latch features can be added to further improve driver and passenger interactions with the vehicle.

  • Integrated cinch and e-release available
  • Mechanical redundancy option
  • Easily adaptable functionality based on customer need
  • Embedded logic, integrated ECU and electrical backup is possible
  • Software programmable locking functions
  • Trunk and tailgate
  • Hood and frunk
  • Side door
  • Seat
Side Door Latch

This door latch includes an actuator function. It is equipped with three kinds of detection switches; the detection switches for open/close of doors, lock/unlock, and key operation. Though it contains the three switches, it is light in weight and compact, because the position of each switch has been optimized.

Side Door Latch

Optimum Latch delivered to PSA, DACIA, SCANIA, and IVECO. Good waterproofness done by Cover umbrella. Good Noise level (Closing, opening & Locking). Product & Process standardization.

Rear Gate Latch

This is a back door latch which can be electrically unlocked (E-latch). It is small-sized and light-weight in order to be equipped in compact cars.

Rear Gate Latch

Compact and light-weight rear gate latch for Tailgate & Trunk. Easy installation to car body & good reduction in noise level.

Hood Latch

This is a flat bonnet latch. The open cable is positioned on the upper side, hence the cable can be attached to the latch after assembling the latch into a vehicle (i.e. this latch can be integrated in a module).