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Power Closure System

Automated liftgates are made up of a complex system of components that work together to deliver enhanced convenience for vehicle owners. We develop and assemble the entire system from the spindle drives and power back door latches to open/close switches and pinch prevention sensors. U-Shin offers OEMs a complete and customizable solution for powered vehicle liftgates.

  • Compact spindle drive with vertically integrated motor, sensor and connectors
  • Innovative gearbox design deliver low noise operation
  • Compatible with one or two-sided integration
  • Magnetic brake and optional torque limiter
  • Lineup includes hinge drive, crank shaft and spindle drive solutions
Spindle Drive

Good standardization for liftgates, sensitive reversibility, replacement of standard struts, 31.5 or 35mm diameter, one or two-sided.

Crank Shaft

Very low noise, even inside a sedan vehicle, at high speed operation. One-sided, low intrusion, only 2 specific parts.

Hinge Drive

Invisible to the end-user, ECU integrated.