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As an engineer designing a portable power station, you know how critical it is to have reliable and efficient components that can withstand frequent use in a variety of environments. Our cooling fans, connectors, and battery protection integrated circuits are designed specifically for these types of applications.

Our IP68 and IP69K rated cooling fans utilize patented blade designs and brushless motors to provide maximum airflow while generating minimal noise. They are precision engineered to withstand vibration, dust, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, making them ideal for portable power stations that will be transported and used in multiple locations. The fans cool critical components like batteries and inverters efficiently, preventing dangerous overheating that could lead to system failures.

Our connectors feature rugged housings and gold-plated contacts to maintain a clean signal even after repeated connections and disconnections. The connectors are designed to lock securely, preventing accidental dislodging. This ensures your portable power station’s internal communication system will function reliably despite frequent assembly and disassembly.

Finally, our battery protection ICs provide intelligent monitoring and control to prevent over-charging, over-discharging, overheating, and short circuits. They proactively mitigate common battery failure modes, dramatically extending the safe operating life of your lithium-ion battery packs. This protects your customers’ investment in the power station and avoids costly premature battery replacements.

By utilizing our robust and thoughtfully engineered components, you can be confident your portable power station will deliver the safe, reliable, efficient performance your customers demand in real-world conditions. Their proven durability and protection capabilities make them the ideal choice for your next design.


Key trends for portable power stations

The key trends influencing the portable power station market include:

  • Growing demand for emergency power sources for disasters, off-grid power sources, etc.
  • Increasing trend of outdoor activities, especially since COVID-19 changed
  • Continued trend of new smart devices targeted for outdoor activities (more devices that require charging for outdoor leisure activities)
  • Reducing weight to increase portability
  • Incorporate solar charging for added sustainability benefits

How do we add value?

Our products provide reliable performance in harsh outdoor environments. We maintain consistent airflow and cooling capabilities through extreme weather fluctuations. Energy efficient components allow for extended operating times between charges. Our IP68/69K rated fans optimize energy usage for outdoor applications. This enables end products to differentiate from competitors by providing longer runtimes before needing a recharge. Partner with us as your trusted supplier as you work to develop the next generation of portable power stations that balance battery life, weight, and cost while still delivering peak performance in harsh conditions. Precision engineering allows us to optimize products for rugged environments without sacrificing efficiency or longevity. The result is durable and dependable solutions that stand up to the elements while maximizing runtime for your customers.

Products in use

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IP68 / IP69K Fans

Our IP68 and IP69K fans are waterproof and corrosion resistant. They use an epoxy potting structure for protection in harsh environments and they are highly efficient with a long service life. These make our fans an ideal solution for portable power stations.


Our connectors are waterproof and boast the world's first waterproof USB-C™ connector with Thunderbolt™ 3 designation. We also offer tactile, slide, and rotary switches for portable power stations.

Battery Protection ICs

Our battery protection ICs secure protection for Lithium ion or Lithium polymer battery from single cell up to 7 cells. Over 8 cell protection is available using a cascade connection.

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