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Energy Storage

The energy storage market is a dynamic sector focused on storing electricity for commercial and residential purposes. It involves technology like batteries, pumped hydro storage, flywheels, and more, allowing businesses to store excess energy during low-demand periods and use it during peak times, thereby optimizing energy usage, reducing costs, and enhancing grid stability.

The energy storage market enables businesses to store energy from renewable sources or when utility rates are lower, helping reduce costs. Key factors driving growth are declining lithium-ion battery prices, favorable policies for energy storage, and increased renewable energy adoption. However, the market remains relatively nascent. Key challenges are costs and demonstrating cost-effectiveness to potential customers.

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Over the next decade, further battery cost reductions, additional policy support through tax credits and carbon regulations, and increased renewable penetration should boost demand. In particular, falling solar photovoltaic (PV) costs make solar storage solutions more compelling. However, project economics remains complex and customers need enhanced monetization options. How quickly new business models emerge that provide value via ancillary services or innovative retail models will impact uptake. Meanwhile, new technologies like hydrogen electrolysis and flow batteries aim to compete. Overall, the outlook is positive but uncertain as regulators and businesses explore the evolving role of energy storage technology.


Key trends in the energy storage market

Energy storage hardware, such as battery packs, encompasses a range of technologies designed to store electricity for later use, providing flexibility, reliability, and efficiency to both commercial and residential consumers.

Rapid Growth in Renewable Energy Integration: The increasing adoption of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power is driving the demand for energy storage solutions.

Declining Costs and Technological Advancements: Advances in energy storage technologies, coupled with economies of scale and manufacturing efficiencies, are leading to significant cost reductions in energy storage hardware.

Grid Modernization and Resilience: Aging grid infrastructure, increasing frequency of extreme weather events, and the growing threat of power outages are driving investments in grid modernization and resilience.

Demand for Peak Shaving and Demand Charge Management: In the commercial sector, businesses are facing escalating electricity costs driven by peak demand charges. Energy storage systems offer an effective solution for peak shaving and demand charge management by storing electricity during off-peak hours when rates are low and discharging it during peak periods to reduce demand charges.

Policy Support and Incentives: Government policies, incentives, and regulatory frameworks are playing a crucial role in driving the adoption of energy storage solutions.

Emergence of Innovative Business Models: The energy storage market is witnessing the emergence of innovative business models, including energy-as-a-service (EaaS) and virtual power plants (VPPs).


How do we add value?

We supply components that provide dependable performance through any and all harsh environmental elements. This is because our products are designed to maintain performance in extreme weather conditions. Partner with us to create the next generation of high quality energy storage products. Using us as your component supplier means that your end products will be optimized for performance in harsh environments. We are also a vertically integrated manufacturer that can ramp up support as the public infrastructure continues to expand.

Products in use

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IP68 / IP69K Fans

Our IP68 and IP69K fans are waterproof and corrosion resistant. They use an epoxy potting structure for protection in harsh environments and they are highly efficient with a long service life. These make our fans an ideal solution for stationary energy storage devices.


Our connectors are waterproof and boast the world's first waterproof USB-C™ connector with Thunderbolt™ 3 designation. We also offer tactile, slide, and rotary switches for stationary energy storage devices.

Backlight Displays

We develop and manufacture millions of units per month of LED panels, less than 15 inches in size, for use in smart phones, car navigation systems, tablets and laptop PCs. Our backlights are also applicable in commercial and home energy storage devices.

About NMB Technologies Corp

NMB Technologies Corporation is a MinebeaMitsumi Group company; a global leader in the design and production of miniature ball bearings, precision components, electromechanical components, and semiconductor components. Our precision manufacturing expertise also includes backlights, lighting products, advanced technology components for smart cities, medical devices, automotive manufacturers, and industrial manufacturers.

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