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3D printing technology – also known as additive manufacturing – creates three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The process involves a layer-by-layer addition of material to form an object. As an engineer who works with 3D printing, you’ll find that the choice of components significantly impacts the performance, reliability, and overall quality of your printers.

Key trends in the 3D Printing market

The U.S. 3D printing market reached USD 5.5 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow significantly. Key variables include:

Prototyping Applications: Industries like healthcare, automotive, and aerospace use 3D printing for rapid prototyping. Emerging technologies drive adoption.

Selective Laser Sintering: This technology is expected to lead the market by reducing concerns about maintaining resin strength in sunlight.

Additive Manufacturing (AM): 3D printing builds objects layer-by-layer. It reduces production costs, shortens development cycles, and enables complex geometries. Customization and time-to-market advantages will fuel adoption.

Misconceptions and Awareness: Small and medium-scale manufacturers need more education about the benefits of prototyping. Overcoming common misconceptions will drive market growth.

Environmental Considerations: Sustainable materials and eco-friendly processes will shape the market.

How do we add value?

We manufacture components that provide the precision needed to support the increasing complexity of 3D printers and additive manufacturing. Our precision-manufactured components are designed to provide the reliability, efficiency, and dynamic performance needed to confidently support 3D printer manufacturers. Partnering with us as your trusted supplier will equip your 3D printers with the highest quality components to ensure consistent performance and quality.

Products in use

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DC Axial Fans

Reliable cooling solutions to protect the components of the 3D printer and extend its lifespan.

Hybrid (HB) Stepping Motors

Accurate and controlled movement to enhance printing capabilities.

Miniature Ball Bearings

Smooth and controlled movements. Available with ceramic ball bearings to prevent errors from magnetism.

Bearing Assemblies

Create a more dynamic range of motion with custom assembly.

Strain Gauges

Precise measurements for consistent operations. Detect and prevent clogs or other performance issues.

About NMB Technologies Corp

NMB Technologies Corporation is a MinebeaMitsumi Group company; a global leader in the design and production of miniature ball bearings, precision components, electromechanical components, and semiconductor components. Our precision manufacturing expertise also includes backlights, lighting products, advanced technology components for smart cities, medical devices, automotive manufacturers, and industrial manufacturers.

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