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As an automotive engineer, working with a trusted automotive supplier for infotainment systems offers several advantages. Established suppliers have extensive expertise and experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality infotainment components that meet stringent industry standards. They invest heavily in research and development, ensuring their products incorporate the latest technologies and innovations. Additionally, trusted suppliers offer reliable support, technical assistance, and supply chain management, enabling efficient collaboration and timely delivery of components. By partnering with us as your trusted supplier, you can focus on your core competencies while leveraging our specialized knowledge and resources to create superior infotainment systems.

Products in use

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Backlights are used to illuminate LCD screens for vehicle infotainment, instrument clusters and navigation. Our ultra-precise machining technology produces extremely uniform illumination with high reliability.

DDA Actuator for Haptic Feedback

Generate rich tactile response beneath vehicle screens and surfaces with our patent-pending Direct Drive Actuator (DDA). Immersive passenger infotainment is possible using precise seat vibration and resonant audio.

Cooling Fans for Infotainment, Displays

Vehicle electronics are becoming more complex and feature-rich. In order to keep infotainment features in the vehicle functioning properly, cooling fans are employed to for efficient thermal management.

HSD Connectors

High speed data (HSD) connectors are responsible for critical data transfer applications within vehicles such as video displays, instrument clusters, and infotainment control modules. Our HSD connectors conform to Automotive Industry standards for design and performance.

USCAR-30 Mini B Connectors

Our Mini B USCAR-30 compliant connector system is tested and approved for use by major automotive companies. Typical applications include audio amplifiers and audio head units.

USB Type-C Connectors

USB-C power delivery in vehicles enables passengers to quickly and efficiently charge their devices on-board. Our USB Type C connectors meet applicable USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 standards for design and performance.

Media Hub

Our custom-designed Connector Box & Media Hub provides consumer facing USB and AUX ports to interface with various electronic devices.

SXM Tuner Module

Wireless connectivity is essential for the new age of IoT and IIoT. MinebeaMitsumi’s robust WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity solutions are easily integrated into your IoT devices that require low power consumption and small form factor.

Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth modules enable drivers and passengers to connect their Bluetooth devices to the vehicle infotainment system. This function promotes hands-free device operation and improves driver comfort and safety.

Wi-Fi Module

WiFi modules provide in-vehicle connectivity for infotainment and telematics systems. Autonomous vehicles will demand increased connectivity to maintain driver comfort and safety.

Coil Inductors

Coil Inductors for Infotainment, Air Bag, Tuner. Small, high-performance inductors with variable or fixed-type corner sensors. Impact-resistant structure with low DCR. RoHS and AEC-Q200 complaint.

About NMB Technologies Corp

NMB Technologies Corporation is a MinebeaMitsumi Group company; a global leader in the design and production of miniature ball bearings, precision components, electromechanical components, and semiconductor components. Our precision manufacturing expertise also includes backlights, lighting products, advanced technology components for smart cities, medical devices, automotive manufacturers, and industrial manufacturers.

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